• BELLROPE is no more

    Dear Friends. Times change. Lifes change. People change. The 17-year-long journey of the individuals calling themselves Black Shape of Nexus and later Bellrope has ended. We won’t bother you with an emotional recap you’ve read a hundred times before. It is like it is.

    Malte on behalf of Geb, Marco and Michael. Love to Jan, Stef, Marius and Ralf.

  • Anti-social media

    Hi there,

    just a short notice that we’ve left facebook, twitter and instagram. We’ll rely on our website, newsletters, bandcamp, fanzines and word of mouth.


  • We are moving.

    News from Bellrope-land. Despite the radio-silence we are pretty busy. Three rough versions of new songs have been written so far and we are moving into a new rehearsal space. In the future 1.2 meters of WWII-era reinforced concrete walls will hold our emissions back. A lot of construction work is going on to make the place ready for moving in. In the past the bunker protected the people inside. Now it will protect the people outside from things like this:

  • Michael joins Bellrope

    We shortly realized that there was no official announcement so far …

    Initially Michael joined us as a fill-in after Stef left the band. But c’mon … we all knew where this would lead. Michael is no filler, he is family! Welcome in the band, Michael!

    Photo: Marc Linkenheil / www.xembracex.de
  • New shirt “Rainjaw”

    Only a few days left. See you in Dresden, Berlin, Jena or Stuttgart. For your relaxation after the show we’ll have the full-blown YOU MUST RELAX set with us. The record is sold exclusively at the shows approx. two weeks before the official release date.